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Counselling for adults and children

Counselling for adults and childrenCounselling for adults and children

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Counselling that pays your school

Schools don’t always have a lot of spare room but if there’s a private space or meeting room (with a viewing panel) which would be available for me to book either by the hour, half day or full day, then we may be able to work together.

My client list will be privately arranged with the parents or carers and my contract would be with them. All I need to do is follow your safeguarding policies (and get to know your safeguarding team) and hire the space.  I hold an enhanced DBS which is available on the update service. Hopefully, this arrangement means the child won’t miss as much lesson time compared with when the counselling is outside of the school.  And I won’t take up any precious storage space. 

I’m happy to come in and chat to see whether this could work in your school so please do drop an email or give me a call.